KFC Listens Survey South Africa- www.sakfcsurvey.com Survey 2022

SA KFC Survey- www.sakfcsurvey.com Survey 2022- The South African KFC Survey, www.sakfcsurvey.com, is offering online respondents free drinks or fries as a thank you for helping with the survey and feedback.

What is the South Africa KFC survey?

The South Africa KFC Survey offers free iced tea, small fries, and a large drink for just R12.00. To get this offer at any of the 1,200 KFC locations in South Africa, you must stop by the KFC survey booth. It is located near the entrance of every store.

How can I Take the www.sakfcsurvey.com KFC Survey?

To take a survey, you will need to give your email address. You will then receive an email from the SA KFC survey in which you can answer the survey questions.

KFC Listens Survey South Africa

Step 1: First of all visit the official South Africa KFC survey Site, www.sakfcsurvey.com.

Step 2: Here, Enter your 16-digit survey code from KFC Purchase Receipt.

Step 3: If you don’t have the receipt, enter your billing date, time, and other things to verify your identity and proceed further.

Step 4: Give your honest review from the list and proceed further.

Step 5: Here, Select your order form and proceed next.

Step 6: At last, submit the KFC South Africa survey and wait for the results for www.sakfcsurvey.com survey rewards worth $500.

How to Take SA KFC Survey?

It is easy to take the free SA KFC Survey online. It starts off with a short survey asking about your favorite chicken dish and what you would like your next meal to be. This is followed by a short video question that asks how you would rate the customer service in SA KFC. The final question asks if you would like the chance to win some free food.

Get up to 3 Free Rewards Listens, $5 off your next order, Elbow Fries with any purchase

KFC Listens Survey South Africa

If you are looking for a new survey to take and are hungry, take the SA KFC Survey. The survey is free (and you’ll get all the same rewards as if you paid) but your entry also helps KFC break even by providing free drinks, fries, and chicken!

KFC® South Africa Survey

Fans of KFC® restaurants are in for a great deal in the form of the SA KFC® Survey. As part of the survey, fans who visit their nearest KFC® restaurant can get up to 3 free drinks and 2 free snacks.

Rules for KFC Survey

In order to enter the KFC Survey, you must follow a few simple rules. You must be 18 or older and live in Canada. You must like KFC on Facebook and be able to post a picture of yourself holding an official “I Survived” meme that starts with the caption: “I Survived the KFC Survey.” If you are not Canadian, there is also a very small chance that you will be disqualified.

Requirements for KFC Survey

KFC has a survey that offers free drinks and fries by completing a few tasks. One requirement is to take a selfie with the survey. Another requirement is to share the survey on Twitter. The third requirement is to invite at least three friends who have not yet completed the survey.

KFC Survey Coupons

KFC offers a survey coupon for $2 off your next KFC meal that is redeemable at any KFC in the U.S. You can enter the coupon code SA-KFC when you purchase your food or print it from their website to save time.

When you visit the KFC menu, you’ll notice that there are a few coupons that offer free food or drink. Those coupons are perfect for people on the go who don’t want to spend too much of their money.

KFC Survey Rewards

If you’re a fan of KFC, you might be excited to hear that they are offering rewards to people who complete a survey. All you have to do is fill out this short survey and follow the instructions on the site. You get rewarded with free drinks and fries at KFC.


Q1 How can you Benefit from KFC Listens South Africa Survey?

If you have the chance to take a survey from the restaurant, you can receive a free meal and unlimited fries (which is worth $4.99). You also can get a free drink if you look at their ad on social media.

Q2 How does South Africa KFC Survey work?

Offering free drinks and fries is a great way to get people in the door. The SA KFC survey works by asking users to respond to a few questions on the website, then these users are given access to the more expensive items for free.

Once you finish the survey, your account will be automatically credited with enough money for your order of two items and get an email letting you know how much you saved.


The KFC survey that was mentioned in the article offers a number of free items to people who answer a few questions about their preferences and thoughts. These included two fountain drinks, small fry, and a side of regular fries, or ten strips of bacon.

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